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Firestone approved, fully trained, certified installers

Guaranteed for 20 years- Life Expectancy 50 Years Plus

Is your flat roof leaking and in need of repair, or do you need a new flat roof. We are Firestone approved, fully trained, certified installers for Dublin & Wicklow.

  • Guaranteed for 20 years with a proven life expectancy of 50 years.
  • Long lifespan of a firestone EPDM rubber roof is up to 5 times that of a felt roof and 2-3 times longer than an asphalt roof.
  • Eco-friendly installed in an exceptionally more eco-friendly way than traditonal asphalt roofs without the lengthy and dangerous use of heat and flames
  • Rubber sheet roofing provides excellent thermal properties and is an outstanding sealant against water penetration
  • Repels all moisture and does not support moss growth. The system breathes to allow vapours to escape.
  • Ideal for Garages, Extensions,Porches, Balconies, Dormers, Workshops, Carports in fact anything with a flat or low sloped roof.
  • Avoids water penetration , costly structural damage and damp patches inside.
  • Strong, Durable and literally in 1 piece . No on site seams or heat welds.
  • Safe to install using cold applied adhesives and eco friendly materials